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There are lots of ways that organisations can partner with Wen. From sponsoring events, choosing Wen as a 1% for the Planet partner, donating products to use for workshops and events.  Or by volunteering your time and skills.  Read on to find out more:



1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions. 

Choosing Wen as your 1% for the Planet partner is not just about helping financially.  We hope to build lasting relationships with our partners, both sharing knowledge and skills but also giving opportunities to learn more about our work and getting involved in our community projects. 


“Wen, like all charities, is special. It particularly resonates with The Leadership Coaches as we love to see potential fulfilled especially amongst groups who have previously been marginalised. Wen’s work in the communities, from helping women set up self-sufficient community food growing spaces, to challenging the impact on the environment of period products through their ‘Environmenstrual’ campaign, all link with two of our own key-value areas – helping exceptional talent through opportunity, whilst serving the world around us in a kinder way. We are delighted to be partnered and look forward to helping through both actions and financial support.”

Zoe Lewis, Director of Coaching, The Leadership Coaches – 1% for the Planet partner

Zoe and Kate at Wen Forum June 2022

Kate Metcalf, Co-director, Wen and Zoe Lewis, Director of Coaching, The Leadership Coaches at Wen Forum in June 2022

Find out how to join 1% for the planet


Find out more about our 1% for the planet partners:

The Leadership Coaches

Dodeca Studio

Bold Intimates Ltd


Accept and Proceed

A Little Find

James Ellis

The Future Kept





Opportunities for partners’ to hold a team volunteering day at Limborough Food Hub and community garden in Mile End, East London. 


The Wen Forum was launched in January 2017. These events feature guest speakers, a question and answer session and networking and refreshments.  

Sponsoring a Wen event is a great opportunity for an organisation or business to align themselves with Wen’s values of feminism, environmental sustainability, participatory principles and social responsibility.  

There are two packages available.  More information can be found here.


Find out how you can support Environmenstrual Week. More information can be found here.

Read our funding and partnership policy

One thought on “PARTNER WITH WEN

  1. Lucy Abbott says:

    Hello lovely folk at wen.

    I am the Community Network Developer for Eden Project Communities, covering London and the South East.
    I would love to connect with the great work you do, and chat about any opportunities to work together.
    As part of Eden’s outreach team I support anyone wanting to create positive change in their community.
    Our annual campaign, The Big Lunch and Month of Community, encourage neighbours to get together during June to share fun, food and friendship.

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