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Menstrual pads can contain up to 90% plastic

What Wen is doing

Environmenstrual Campaign

Wen is campaigning to make healthy, eco-friendly period products available to all. Supported by over 90 organisations and activists, the campaign is educating people about hidden plastic and chemicals in conventional menstrual products and promoting reusable and organic disposable options.  The campaign includes a week of action every October called Environmenstrual Week. 

Period Education

Wen runs Environmenstrual workshops in schools, colleges and universities. The workshops explore the pros and cons of disposable and reusable menstrual products, including their health and environmental impacts, allowing participants to make an informed choice about which menstrual products to use.

Environmenstrual Ambassadors

Wen offers free training to people wishing to deliver Environmenstrual education nationally to young people and community groups.

Environmenstrual coalition

Wen is building a coalition of organisations and businesses that wish to improve availability and access of sustainable menstrual products in the UK to enable women and people that menstruate to manage their periods without harming their health or the environment.

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Keep up to date on all the latest environmenstrual campaign news.  We will send you information from time to time about new updates and Environmenstrual Week each October. 

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