Taking part in a fundraising event for Wen, is a great way to make a difference and will help more women and other marginalised people to have a voice in climate debates. 

An event could be anything from a sponsored cycle ride, a coffee morning with friends, or even running a workshop. 

A simple way to begin is to set up a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram or you can set up your own fundraising page on JustGiving

You can easily set up a fundraising page on Facebook, for a special event such as your birthday, anniversaries or even a challenge you are doing.  Instagram also has “donate” stickers that you can include in your stories.  Read on to for more fundraising ideas:



Raise money from your profile page

  • Start a post 
  • Select “Raise money”
  • Select “Wen”
  • Fill in some details about why you are raising funds for Wen.  
  • Send the link to friends and family via email or WhatsApp.


Birthday or event fundraiser on Facebook

  • Go to Wen’s facebook page or click this link:
  • Select “Raise Money”
  • Set a target
  • Select an end date
  • Select a title for your fundraiser
  • Tell your friends and followers why you are supporting Wen
  • Pick a cover photo (here)
  • Click create
  • Invite your friends
  • Send the link to friends and family via email or WhatsApp.


Set up your own fundraising page 



Antonia raised over 500 Euros for Wen with a sponsored head shave. She also shared information on Wen’s work and how it relates to cancer prevention. Antonia focused on cancer prevention to honour a friend who has been battling cancer, and to celebrate the end of her treatment!  




  • How about getting your work colleagues involved? Hold a dress down day – Whether you go for casual clothing or make it a fancy dress event – ask people to donate.
  • Donate Your coffee money – people can spend a lot each month on their favourite caffeine fix. Ask people to forego their daily coffee just for one day and donate the money to Wen.
  • Cycle to work – and donate the money saved on fuel or travel fares to Wen.
  • Quiz – host a quiz and charge a donation for each team entry. 
  • Set yourself a challenge – walk, cycle or run – Make sure you record the miles you’ve run or cycled on one of the many free tracking apps available on your phone
  • Sell unwanted Items on eBay or through Facebook Marketplace. Donate the money to Wen.
  • Host a coffee morning or dinner for friends and ask for donations. 
  • Host a workshop – If you’re an expert at something and can teach other people, host an online or in person workshop. You can sell tickets and get sign-ups on Eventbrite.


Please get in touch with us if you have a fundraising idea.  We can send you postcards and stickers and will of course promote it on our social media channels. 

Thank you for supporting Wen!

Download fundraising ideas

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