Local Women of the World at COP26

Women from marginalised and diverse communities are often the first to be impacted by social injustices, and more often than not their voices are the last to be heard, and this is no different for climate change both here in the UK and globally. Through a series of workshops, a group of wonderfully inspiring women will come together to produce creative pieces which reflect their thoughts, feelings and views on climate change. These women want their voices to be heard and want policy makers to know that climate change is a real issue which needs urgent action.

The Programme

The programme involves monthly workshops where participants are resourced and encouraged to think creatively, using textiles waste materials, music, lyrics and paint to produce a showcase which will be exhibited during COP26 Climate Talks in Glasgow in November 2021.

Women Change Makers

Twelve women will produce twelve pieces of creative artwork including literature and music which will be exhibited during COP26 Climate Talks. The women will gain confidence to have their voices heard on their views about climate change and what this ultimately means to them.


Combining Equalities and Climate Change, Zarina has been working in the environmental sector for over 10 years. Zarina was recently named as one of the top 30 influential women in environment by BBC’s Women’s Hour.

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