What is the Tower Hamlets Food Partnership?

The partnership brings organisations and individuals together to build a better food system for everyone in Tower Hamlets. Members include housing providers, food charities, small businesses, schools, social enterprises, community gardeners and the council. Food is at the heart of the greatest social, environmental and economic challenges facing our borough. As Partnership lead, Wen coordinates a collaborative and systems-led approach to addressing these challenges.
Tower Hamlets Food Partnership is part of the Sustainable Food Places network, which is building local food economies in towns and cities across the country.

What is the Partnership’s vision for good food?

Following extensive engagement with organisations and communities across the borough, we formed a vision for Tower Hamlets as a good food borough:
  • Celebrated – Nutritious food is a leading element of our streets, estates and neighbourhoods. People feel happier, healthier and proud of their communities.
  • Fair for all – Everyone – including our vulnerable and low-income communities – can access nutritious, tasty, culturally-appropriate food with dignity.
  • Community-led – Our communities are empowered to develop and share diverse food knowledge, resources and projects, and be part of a thriving local food economy.
  • Healthier for people and planet – Our food system nurtures human health, supports the welfare of animals, plants and soil, avoids waste and reduces the emissions contributing to climate change.

How is the Partnership structured?

Wen is the lead organisation of the Partnership – we coordinate all Partnership activity, and interact with relevant London and national organisations, such as the Greater London Authority and the Sustainable Food Cities network. The steering group meets quarterly to discuss strategy, finance and governance issues. The Partnership chair is Sarah Williams, Sustain. We convene action groups on priority areas. Current groups are: Fair Food for All – this group works to make all our communities able to access good food. This includes amplifying the voices of members of our community that are experiencing food insecurity, and helping to develop innovative, community-led projects that distribute food to where it’s needed. Community-led solutions – this group works to support our community growers, cooks, trainers and meal-providers, by sharing information, resources and projects, and helping to protect assets and demonstrate value. All partnership members are welcome to participate in any action group that interests them.

How do I become a member?

Any organisation or individual that wants to take action for good food in Tower Hamlets can become a member of the Partnership. Members can choose which action groups they would like to participate in, or simply sign up to our monthly updates. To get started, fill in our membership form .


Jo believes that food is a tool to improve the health of both people and place. A specialist in developing programmes, building networks and influencing policy, she is committed to shaping a greener, healthier and more equitable city.

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