Wen has partnered up with North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to deliver a behaviour change project to increase the purchase and use of reusable period products by north Londoners. The project aims to educate, train and raise awareness among women and girls and all those who menstruate about making the change to reusable period products. 

We’re working across seven London boroughs – Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest.

The project includes a campaign website called “Reduce, Reuse, Your Cycle” with information, videos, discount codes and a savings calculator. The website is being supported by a communications campaign run by NLWA, including on-street advertising and organic and paid social media. The ad campaign features real people who have made the switch to reusables, normalising their use and encouraging others to take up the behaviour.  Our very own Rebecca can be seen on bus stops around London. 

Environmenstrual stall

What we’re doing

  • We’re delivering 20 workshops and 2 ambassador training sessions to parents/carers and university students, engaging up to 300 participants and training 60 ambassadors. 
  • Delivering 2 online workshops for teachers
  • Distributing 100 demo Environmenstrual toolkits.
  • Hosting 4 stalls and demo workshops in universities to promote workshops, training and discount schemes.
  • Promoting reusables and discount codes to borough citizens and students. 

What we cover in the workshops

  • Range of reusable period products available
  • Use and care of reusables including addressing any hygiene concerns ie machine washing, bacteria removal etc
  • Sourcing, cost-saving and discount schemes on products
  • Case studies of those who switched to reusables (briefing format or other)
  • Environmenstrual stigma and taboos
  • Environmental and health impacts of single-use disposable period products ie plastic and waste
  • Carbon emissions
  • Inclusivity around periods and menstruation.

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Teacher training

Training teachers about the range of reusable period products available and how to use these is a key part of normalising reusable period products and will have an impact year on year beyond the initial funding period. School taught lessons on periods also include boys and non-binary pupils which further helps to reduce stigma and taboo around periods, a crucial element in supporting the switch to reusable period products.  


Discount Scheme Company Partnerships

We’ve collated an amazing range of discount codes from reusable period product suppliers, ranging from 15% – 25% off. 


Information videos

We’ve created some info videos on how to use washable period pads, period pants and period cups. 


Find out more about Reduce, Reuse, Your cycle and environmenstrual. 


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