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Tower Hamlets Food PARTNERSHIP

Wen coordinates a cross-sector partnership of community organisations, schools, businesses and the council. We campaign and take action so everyone in Tower Hamlets can enjoy fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system. We believe that food lies at the heart of some of the Tower Hamlets’ greatest problems and that improving our food system will be a vital part of the solution.

Tower Hamlets Food Growers

Wen has run the Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network for over 10 years, bringing together local people, landlords and community groups and gardens. Local food growing offers a more sustainable and often cheaper source of food, bringing people together in a shared attempt to reconnect with nature in an urban environment. This involves running our famous seasonal gatherings and facilitating the community seed library.

JUST FACT – a just food and climate transition

Just FACT is a five year programme, creating a blueprint for a climate-friendly food system that works better for the happiness, health and wellbeing of communities in Tower Hamlets. 

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