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The Just FACT programme is made up of 26 versatile and dynamic projects, all working towards making a difference in the food system in Tower Hamlets. But how do we ensure we create maximum impact? Through evaluation!

We ask our partners to evaluate their projects – to share their learnings and illustrate the important discoveries they’ve made. Evaluation can feel like a huge task, often making people feel very anxious. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  


Embedding evaluation into projects

We partnered with expert evaluator, Mita Pujara, to revolutionise the process. Mita has a wealth of knowledge and skills in evaluating projects, for a range of organisations, so I asked her to lead a session for the Just FACT Programme. What became very clear following the first workshop, was how much it was needed. 


Co-designing project evaluation

Mita shared a range of creative tips and fun tools that can be adopted as qualitative and/or quantitative methods of evaluation. She explained ways of co-designing project evaluation with participants, so it feels more like a collaboration rather than an extraction of data and information. 


The result – the Just FACT Creative Evaluation Toolkit!

We asked Mita to create a toolkit that would work as a resource and reference for how-to-do-good evaluation so our partners could always refer back to her methods. 

Fast-forward and we now have a Just FACT Creative Evaluation Toolkit – a valuable guide explaining the principles of good evaluation. It also includes how evaluation can help, different tools and methods to document and reflect your work (including an abundance of examples), as well as how to analyse and share learnings. It’s a step-by-step guide that demystifies evaluation and makes the process easier for anyone wanting to evaluate a project. 


Download the Creative Evaluation Toolkit




Hussina Raja, Just FACT Mobiliser


Hussina has a background in social justice as well as working as a multidisciplinary artist. She is passionate about working with local community groups and young people. She especially enjoys bringing people together over food. 

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