The Climate Sisters ‘Local Women of the World at the Climate Table’ project, funded by Propel, aims to make systemic change by amplifying marginalised women’s voices in climate justice debates and in the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Women from marginalised and diverse communities are often the first to be impacted by social injustices and more often than not their voices are the last to be heard.  This is no different for climate change both here in the UK and globally.



The aim of this programme is to amplify and centre the voices of the underrepresented and marginalised women specifically in the climate arena. The approach to this will be underpinned by values that challenge patriarchy, colonialism and white supremacy and uphold care, collaboration and non-competitive sisterhood. 

This 3 year project, funded by Propel, aims to engage women from Tower Hamlets and Hackney through a participatory climate leadership programme. The project involves two parts:

Part One is a 12 week Feminist Climate Leadership programme where groups of women collectively explore their priorities for climate justice at individual, local, regional, national and international levels.

Part Two involves participants developing creative projects to showcase the ideas and solutions, working collaboratively with regular support sessions. 

The Climate Sisters programme is part of the Feminist Green New Deal campaign.

Climate Sisters


The project, which launched in June 2023 will give women’s community groups the opportunity for twelve of their members to join this 12 week Feminist Climate Leadership programme. Participants will be paid for their time (London living wage) and childcare will be available. In addition community groups will receive a small grant to help with related admin and outreach expenses.

The Programme will cover areas such as feminist leadership; the intersections of climate, racial and gender justice; confidence building; climate change causes and the impacts and how it connects with everyday life. 

The programme will support the networking of the groups taking part as well linking them with wider networks such as policy makers, change makers and community activists.

If you are a women’s or community group based in Tower Hamlets or Hackney and would like more information please contact 

Find out about our pilot Climate Sisters programme. 



Propel is powered by London Funders and are being supported by a growing list of funders, including Bloomberg, City Bridge Trust – the City of London Corporation’s charity funder – The National Lottery Community Fund, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and main advice funders, such as Trust for London, coordinated by London Legal Support Trust. 

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