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In this series of blogs we meet some of the amazing partners helping to deliver Just FACT, (Just Food and Climate Transition)  a 5 year project in Tower Hamlets. Here, Joshua, Just FACT Mobiliser, speaks to Sunara and Momtaz, from Leaders in Community (LiC) to hear more about their involvement in Just Fact.
Meet Leaders in Community Beginning over a decade ago, Leaders in Community is a youth-led charity dedicated to empowering young people in Tower Hamlets. Delivering a variety of programmes designed around leadership, activism and governance, LiC offers a year-round programme that is free and accessible to all young people.
By and for young people Leaders in Community has two core strands: Youth Leadership and Youth Social action. Youth Leadership projects provide accredited skills training, work experience, and advice and guidance to help young people secure meaningful employment. Youth Social Action projects provide tangible opportunities for young people to tackle the issues that matter to them most, through project-based volunteering, holding community events and campaigns for change. We met with Sunara and Momtaz to hear more about their involvement in Just Fact, check out the video below!

What is Just FACT 

The Tower Hamlets Just Food and Climate Transition project led by Wen is a collaborative community led programme to create a tried and tested blueprint for a sustainable and socially just urban food system.  
 Although unsustainable food practices are behind some of our biggest problems in society, food also has a huge power to be part of the solution. Food is at the heart of our communities and families; it is an everyday way for us all to engage with tackling climate change, building a healthier society and injecting opportunities and equity back into our neighbourhoods.  
Find out more about Just FACT


Joshua was born in Hounslow and has lived in London his whole life. He has been involved in a number of economic, climate and racial justice projects and continues to play key roles in a number of organisations. He is a passionate chef, feels at home in nature and is deeply committed to collaborative education and community ownership.

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