In November 2020 we opened The Food Store, a community pantry on the Burdett Estate in Poplar. The Food Store is a Tower Hamlets Food Partnership project, with funding from the council and Wen, and managed by Burdett F.C.
The pantry is open for business twice a week, when around 30 people can shop for a range of food at a dramatically reduced cost. This will increase to over 100 per week in January. A range of local agencies are referring people in need of this support.
Recognising that food insecurity often indicates other issues, The Food Store team signposts users to additional support that may enhance their health and wellbeing. to additional support.
Wen continues to support the project, and is currently helping to diversify the food offered at the pantry, so that produce is nourishing and appropriate to the Burdett community. From April 2021, our Community Food Hub will also be located at Limborough House, running a range of complementary activities for residents and the wider community.
Here we share some photos of the pantry opening on 13 November 2020:  
John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, helping to stock up the pantry with fresh fruit and vegetables [Photo credit:
Poplar HARCA]
Inside the pantry [Photo credit Poplar HARCA]
“The Food Store is a fantastic Initiative which is helping families who really need support, we appreciate your efforts and I would like to volunteer to support your work” – Client

Jo Wilson, Tower Hamlets Food Partnership Co-ordinator (right) inside the pantry [Photo credit: Poplar HARCA]

Cutting the ribbon! – The official opening by Mayor John Biggs. [Photo credit:
Poplar HARCA]

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