Did you know that you can raise vital funds for Wen using Instagram and Facebook?  You can easily set up a fundraising page for a special event such as your birthday, anniversaries or even a challenge you are doing..  Instagram also has donate stickers that you can include in your stories.  Read on to find out how:



Option 1

  1. On your own facebook page select “Support Non Profits”
  2. Select “Wen”
  3. Add details of why you are fundraising


Option 2

  1. Go to Wen’s facebook page
  2. Select “Raise Money”
  3. Set a target
  4. Select an end date
  5. Select a title for your fundraiser
  6. Tell your friends and followers why you are supporting Wen
  7. Pick a cover photo
  8. Click create
  9. Invite your friends

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser  

Did you know you can dedicate your birthday as a fundraiser for Wen?  Facebook will send you a message a couple of weeks before your big day to give you an option to create a birthday fundraiser. 



You can add a donation sticker to your story.  This will be live for 24 hours and anyone looking at your sticker can donate. 

  1. Tap on Stories
  2. Click the sticker button 
  3. Select ‘Donation’
  4. Search for Wen
  5. Add the sticker to your Story
  6. You can personalise the wording on the sticker

Thank you for supporting Wen!

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