Our workshops are designed to empower people to make sustainable lifestyle choices, and to raise awareness around issues of environmental concern, always with a focus on providing practical everyday solutions.

We cater to charities, schools and universities, community groups, societies, businesses, RSLs and events, such as fairs, conferences or festivals. We have provided workshops for WWF, UK Feminista, Manchester Metropolitan University and Glastonbury Festival, to name a few. 

Please get in touch to ask about our workshops and how we can tailor them to your needs. Contact kate@wen.org.uk

Our organic food growing workshops can cover one or a combination of the following: why organic growing?, organic methods, companion planting, crop rotation, pests and diseases, composting, seed saving, organic fertilisers, wildlife gardening, creating a windowsill salad garden, permaculture and visits to community gardens.

We have a fantastic range of workshops covering health, food growing, Environmenstrual, climate change, gender and more…. We can tailor workshops. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

fruity beauty image.jpg

Fruity Beauty Workshop - explore some of the harmful chemicals in our everyday cosmetics and learn how to make your own shampoo, deodorant and much more

Environmenstrual Workshop - explore the pros and cons of disposable and reusable menstrual products including the health and environmental impacts. This enables participants to make an informed choice of which menstrual products to use.

Grow your own Workshop -organic food growing methods including windowsill and balcony growing, micro greens, dealing with pests and diseases, composting, wildlife gardening.

Women and climate change Workshop - uncover some of the ways women and disproportionately affected by climate change.

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Real Nappies Workshop - practical advice and information on how to use real nappies.

Vitamin Green Workshop - relax and reconnect with nature in one of our social and therapeutic horticulture sessions.

Women and Environment Workshop - explore the different ways women, health and the environment are linked.

Gender Matters Workshop - explore gender issues in your organisation and make a resolution as a team.


“I really enjoyed the course. I would love to come again, to learn more. Glenda is a fantastic tutor and gardener. Thank you, big thank you to anyone involved in this course. Brilliant idea!”
— Participant in Introduction to Food Growing at Tower Hamlets Homes, 2014
The workshop was a great way to raise awareness of issues and get students interested in the connection between gender and climate change.
— Participant in our Gender and Climate Change workshop, Manchester Metropolitan University
I had a great time at this workshop, so much fun just mixing stuff! It brought out our inner ‘mixtress’. And for the products I came away with, the knowledge, the good time AND the cupcakes, I thought the price was well worth it.
— Participant in our Fruity Beauty workshop, St Hilda's East Community Centre
“It has inspired me hugely- I have decided to eventually gain access to a plot to grow my own veg.”
— Participant at Introduction to Food Growing at Tower Hamlets Homes, 2015
The products are great. I loved that most of the ingredients I already have in my food cupboards.
— Participant in our Fruity Beauty workshop, St Hilda's East Community Centre