• 59 Arden Street¬† (map)
  • Edinburgh, UK
  • EH9 1BT

Sanitree is a project set up by students from the University of Edinburgh as part of the Enactus society. We are seeking to address the desperate need for better access to sanitary items and education about menstrual hygiene in India. We do this in a way that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. We have set up micro-finance initiatives in India; women are in leadership roles, producing reusable sanitary pads for their local communities that are made from eco-friendly materials. We have a finished product of the reusable sanitary pad which is a similar model to that used by EcoFemme. We are well underway with out project and have already launched a successful scheme in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, India. This year we are hoping to expand to Coimbatore and have many other exciting plans of events and talks to raise awareness for Sanitree and ecofeminism in general. This event is an opportunity for people who are interested in our project to come and have a chat and find out what they can do to help!