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 Environmenstrual week


The first Environmenstrual Week of Action took place during the week of 13th-20th October. Together with a coalition of 42 organisations, charities, businesses and menstrual-preneurs and sponsors Thames Water and Anglian Water, we promoted reusables and organic menstrual products and the environmental and health impacts of plastics and single use menstrual products.

Events were held around the UK and in the USA and Canada. This included the first Environmenstrual Festival at the GLA at City Hall. The evening included a panel, Q&A, fashion show, live theatre by The Twisted Hares and stalls.


Environmenstrual Week is set for October 12th-19th 2019. Next year will be bigger and better, so stay tuned for more news.

In the meantime..

Our handy toolkit is still available to download. It’s full of fun ideas and ways to take #PeriodAction. If you have any other ideas to include in the toolkit, please get in contact

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Photos from the Environmenstrual Festival 19th October 2018

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