Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network (THFGN)

Grow Your Own Food

The Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network (THFGN) is a network of Tower Hamlets-based individuals, community groups and community gardens interested in food growing.


Created in August 2010 in response to the resurgence of community food growing activities in the borough. The Network is made up of gardeners of all stripes and is facilitated by a partnership of organisations led by WEN.

What We Do

WEN supports and co-ordinates the network by facilitating the community seed library, and hosting seasonal Network Gatherings. WEN provides food growing training and workshops, funding advice, and regular news on community gardening in the borough.

Our Goals

  • Improve communication and sharing between food growers

  • Increase the number of community food growing projects.

  • Improve access to food growing information and resources.

Hear from Lizzy from Cranbrook Community Garden, member of Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network.

Find out more by visiting the Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network website

For more information please contact:, our Local Food Project Coordinator