Reduced - 1st book (HARD BACK) - Why Women Will Save the Planet


Reduced - 1st book (HARD BACK) - Why Women Will Save the Planet

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Why women will save the planet?

A collection of articles for Friends of the Earth
Featuring articles by Women's Environmental Network, Caroline Lucas, Wanjira Maathai, and Vandana Shiva.

"Women's empowerment is critical to environmental sustainability, isn't it? When Friends of the Earth asked this question on Facebook, half of respondents said yes and half said no, with women as likely to say no as men. This collection of articles and interviews, from some of the leading lights of the environmental and feminist movements, demonstrates that achieving gender equality is vital if we are to protect the environment upon which we all depend. It is a rallying cry to environmental campaigning groups and other environmentalists who have, on the whole, neglected women's empowerment in their work.

We hope that the book will encourage the environmental movement and women's movement to join in fighting the twin evils of women's oppression and environmental degradation, because social justice and environmental sustainability are two sides of the same coin."

Published by Zed Books