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Here's our top tips for having an eco-friendly period:

  • Don’t flush your disposable menstrual products down the toilet; instead bin it.  

  • Even products labelled biodegradable or flushable shouldn't be flushed, as they may take months to break down, blocking pipes and polluting marine environment until they do so.

  • Consider using washable pads or a menstrual cup instead of disposables – you can prevent a lot of waste, and save a lot of money,even if you only use them at night or at home.

  • Demand the best and safest products for yourself and the environment by asking for a full list on menstrual product packs of the ingredients and materials used.

  • Choose tampons and pads made from organic cotton and without plastic

  • Use tampons? Opt for 100% organic cotton tampons, change them regularly, at least every 6 hours and use a menstrual pad at night. 

  • Use a menstrual cup?  Opt for silicon cups and follow manufacturers advice on thorough regular cleaning.  Replace any worn cup with a new one.

  • Avoid lubricated  and/or fragranced products – they are  polluting, and generate unnecessary additional exposure to potentially harmful synthetic chemicals.

  • Record your rhythm – developing familiarity with your cycle provides a useful indicator of your health and wellbeing, and a greater awareness of your body.


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Get your first box FREE when you subscribe using the code PERIODSWITHOUTPLASTIC.  Choose from a range of organic tampons in multiple absorbencies, applicator or not, in a quantity that suits your needs - your order can change month to month.



Washable Menstrual Pads - 15% off Bloom & Nora - Use code WEN15 at checkout

Bold and beautiful bamboo to brighten up your dreary period days. Perfect for those who prefer natural fabrics next to skin. The unique stay dry binding is the perfect barrier against leaks and keeps everything in the absorbent bamboo core.



20% off the award winning Organicup Menstrual Cup

The Cup Effect

15% off your purchase.

The Cup Effect sells cups on a not-for-profit basis, which means that the income they make from all purchases supports their work in low-income communities. For every cup they sell, TWO are donated to people who can’t afford menstrual products in East Africa or the UK!



Wen supporters can get up to 50% off subscription service. Customers can tailor their order as needed: no setup fee, no long-term commitment and they can pause, edit their product selection or cancel your subscription anytime. To get full discount use G&G40 (40% off) and GGWEN (for additional 10% off for quarterly subscriptions or 5% for monthly). The Grace & Green Essentials Collection: exceptional biodegradable period products, non-toxic and naturally effective, crafted from 100% certified organic cotton. 



15% off new orders (expires January 2020)

Organic tampons, pads and liners delivered to your door.


50% off your first purchase.

Biodegradable organic tampons delivered to your door.

Loo Sticker Bundle

Order your Loo sticker bundle now. For just £2* you will receive 3 stickers that can be put up in public toilets, work toilets, restaurants, cafes, clubs, community centres** - in fact everywhere! Help spread the word about not flushing menstrual products and wet wipes.

Here’s what you get:

Sticker 1 - Protect Rivers, Seas & Beaches, only flush the 3ps - bin your tampons, pads & wet wipes or switch to reusable alternatives. Supported by Thames Water and Anglian Water (approx 15cm x 10cm).

Sticker 2 - Why not switch to reusable menstrual products? (approx 15 x 10cm).

Sticker 3 - Own it. #BinIt provided by Thames Water - Ideal for putting on the top of a toilet bin (approx 22cm x 15cm).

* £2 nominal charge is to cover costs

**Please ask for permission

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