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so what's an environmenstrual WORKSHOP?

Our Environmenstrual workshops are informative, interactive and fun.  We explore the pros and cons of disposable and reusable menstrual products including the health and environmental impacts.  This enables participants to make an informed choice of which menstrual products to use.  Participants can become Environmenstrual Ambassadors to help spread the word, using our Environmenstrual Toolkits (keep checking back for details) and can get involved in the Environmenstrual Week of Action.

To book a workshop contact Natasha

Thanks so much for coming in today - the students were really engaged and interested, and I think we may have a few converts! We’d love to have you back in, particularly if we make ‘Period Proud’ an annual event - hopefully having broken some taboos this year we’ll be able to spread the word to more students next year!

Thanks again for being fabulous!
— Rachel Ward, Elthorne Park High School
It was good at encouraging people to talk about it as it is a taboo subject. And even with women we don’t necessarily talk about it to each other a lot. It’s good at encouraging people to open up and talk about it. It normalises it more.
— Participant from Farnham College
I think it was really informative because I had no idea about reusable pads, and also the effects disposable pads and tampons have on the environment as well. It shows the effects that we have and the fact that you have these options to help the environment really opened my eyes.
— Participant from secondary school
I just thought I’d give you some follow up excitement that happened after your workshop a few months ago. I put in this process called a Change It to our Guild/Union and found out today that our university shop will be stocking menstrual cups at a reduced price and are continuing to research suppliers for reusable pads! It’s a nice step forward that was definitely WEN influenced as well!
Thanks again.
— Izzie from University of Liverpool
Really informative and friendly. It felt like you could make points and have a discussion rather than like a lecture. It’s nice to be open and honest and not be ashamed of our stories
— Participant from Environmenstrual Workshop at University of Liverpool
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