Loo Sticker Bundle

Loo Sticker Bundle£2.png
Loo Sticker Bundle£2.png

Loo Sticker Bundle


Order your Loo sticker bundle now. For just £2* you will receive 3 stickers that can be put up in public toilets, work toilets, restaurants, cafes, clubs, community centres** - in fact everywhere! Help spread the word about not flushing menstrual products and wet wipes.

Here’s what you get:

Sticker 1 - Protect Rivers, Seas & Beaches, only flush the 3ps - bin your tampons, pads & wet wipes or switch to reusable alternatives. Supported by Thames Water and Anglian Water (approx 15cm x 10cm).

Sticker 2 - Why not switch to reusable menstrual products? (approx 15 x 10cm).

Sticker 3 - Own it. #BinIt provided by Thames Water - Ideal for putting on the top of a toilet bin (approx 22cm x 15cm).

* £2 nominal charge is to cover costs

**Please ask for permission

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