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Our Environmenstrual workshops are informative, interactive and fun.  We explore the pros and cons of disposable and reusable menstrual products including the health and environmental impacts.  This enables participants to make an informed choice of which menstrual products to use.

Did you know that Tampax (owned by Proctor & Gamble) and Lilets give free menstrual workshops in schools? WEN thinks  it's pretty dodgy that corporations that profit from disposable menstrual products are in charge of educating young people about their menstrual health. WEN’s workshops provide honest, unbiased information about menstrual health, providing people with the knowledge and confidence they need to make the best decision for their health and for the planet.


WE CAN RUN WORKSHOPS IN schools, UNIVERSITIES AND WOMEN'S GROUPS/community groups.  PLEASE CLICK THE ICONS BELOW to download a printable pdf with full details:

Thanks so much for coming in today - the students were really engaged and interested, and I think we may have a few converts! We’d love to have you back in, particularly if we make ‘Period Proud’ an annual event - hopefully having broken some taboos this year we’ll be able to spread the word to more students next year!
— Rachel Ward, Elthorne Park High School
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Environmenstrual Workshops are ideal for PSHE lessons. Workshops enhance learning by covering the key elements of government recommendations for Sex and Relationships Education (SRE):

1) Attitudes and values
2) Personal and social skills
3) Knowledge and understanding

“I just thought I’d give you some follow up excitement that happened after your workshop a few months ago. I put in this process called a Change It to our Guild/Union and found out today that our university shop will be stocking menstrual cups at a reduced price and are continuing to research suppliers for reusable pads! It’s a nice step forward that was definitely WEN influenced as well!
Thanks again.”
— Izzie from University of Liverpool

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