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Get ready for #periodswithoutplastic Week of Action

October 13th – 20th 2018


The Environmenstrual Week of Action is a week supported by Thames Water to creatively promote ways that people who menstruate can manage periods so they don’t harm the planet or our health.


So what is a Week of Action?

We will be making a big noise in October 2018, together with a coalition of partners about all things Period related.  There will be events across the UK and a social media campaign to amplify our message.  We will be bringing the Week of Action to a grand finale with the WENForum, which will be taking place on Friday 19th October.  You can get involved too, by holding your own event (see our fab activity ideas), attending one of the registered events and following and sharing news of the Week of Action on social media. 


Here are some of the themes the Week of Action will be covering:

  • Environment (Water & Sea Life)
  • Disposal of menstrual products
  • Reusable and organic biodegrable menstrual products
  • Smash the Taboo
  • Menstrual Health
  • Period Poverty
  • Menstrual Equity
  • Environment #PeriodsWithoutPlastic


Get Involved

How about hosting a Cupaware Party or Vagina Craft Night.  Or an Environmenstrual Quiz Night?  Check out our Activity Ideas

All you need to do is pick your date in October and register your activity with us. We’ll send you a Week of Action Pack (ready by Summer 2018) and will provide you with materials to get you started which will ensure your Environmenstrual Week of Action activity or event is a success!  Plus we can promote it on our website and share on WEN's social media channels.

If you have any questions about the Environmenstrual Week of Action, email Natasha at natasha@wen.org.uk


Register your event here:

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We can’t wait to see what you get up to during the Environmenstrual Week of Action!