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So what is a Week of Action?

We will be making a big noise in October 2018, together with a coalition of partners about all things Period related.    You can get involved too, by holding your own event, attending one of the registered events and following and sharing news of the Week of Action on social media. 

Here are some of the themes the Week of Action will be covering:

  • Environment (Water & Sea Life)
  • Disposal of menstrual products
  • Reusable and organic biodegrable menstrual products
  • Smash the Taboo
  • Menstrual Health
  • Period Poverty
  • Menstrual Equity


Get Involved

Whether you are planning to use your voice, by taking to social media or putting a poster in your window at home or work or if you are hosting or attending a #PeriodAction event.  Register now to download your #PeriodAction pack, containing posters, social media kit and event ideas.

Social media kit - LINK

Event ideas & how to organise -  LINK

Menstrual Pad Workshop - LINK

Poster -  LINK

Invitation - LINK

Press release - LINK

Badges - LINK

Download pack as pdf file - LINK


Planning an event?

Make sure you register your event HERE.  We can promote it on our website and on social media.


Find an event - click through to find a list of events


If you have any questions about the Environmenstrual Week of Action, email Natasha at

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