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12TH - 19TH OCTOBER 2019

are you ready to take #PeriodAction?

So how can you get involved?

  • Hold a Week of Action Event, promoting #PlasticFreePeriods to your friends, colleagues and communities. Environmenstrual Week of Action is for everybody - individuals, community groups teachers, parents, employee, business owner. We have some fantastic ideas for you to get involved in our toolkit

  • Try #PlasticFreePeriods and recommend to your friends and families We have some amazing discount vouchers and a supplier list to find out which menstrual products are truly eco-friendly.

  • Become a period activist! Write/tweet/ manufacturers and retailers -  calling for plastic to be removed from menstrual products. Are you a parent? Question your school about what menstrual education your children are receiving at school.  Use our Period activist toolkit.

  • Book your ticket to the Environmenstrual Festival on the 16th October. The festival promises taster workshops and ensembles of pad making, menstrual cup parties, vulva art, and more + ecofeminist period-inspired art and fashion. There will also be a stellar speaker panel focusing on the links between plastic-free periods and period taboos. 

  • Help amplify the #PlasticFreePeriods message across social media with our Digital Toolkit


How about holding a coffee morning, book club meeting, film screening or a pad making workshop.