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Welcome to our EARLY bird Crowdfunder page - We need to raise £10,000!

Our campaign is aiming to lead a UK revolution for healthy, eco-friendly menstrual products.  To make it a success we need to raise £10,000 with a dream target of £18,000.  The Crowdfunder is LIVE NOW!  and to kickstart things and to ensure it gets off to a flying start, we need donations totaling £2,000 in the first week. Can you help us?

Our Early Bird Crowdfunding Week runs from the 14th May – 20th May.  And to show our appreciation we will have some extra special rewards for your early support plus all people contributing that week will be entered in to a draw to win 1 year's digital subscription to ETHICAL CONSUMER.  These early bird rewards will be limited, so visit our crowdfunding page early!


A little taster of our early bird rewards:


What are we crowdfunding for exactly?

 Our Environmenstrual Campaign is multi-faceted but we are crowdfunding for these two key areas:


  • We plan to launch an Environmenstrual Workshop Programme in schools and universities across the UK. We are going to train people to become Environmenstrual Ambassadors, that you too can be part of.  We will design an Environmenstrual Toolkit that can used as a resource by schools free of charge.   PLUS We aim to create an Information Pack that is available for everyone to access, to give a truly informed choice.


  • We are coordinating a coalition of organizations and businesses to come together in a Environmenstrual Week of Action – this will include events, film screenings, a period themed fashion show, coffee mornings, DIY pad making workshops to name a few.


Thank you for your generous support.


Kate Metcalf, Co-Director WEN

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Here’s a taster of what we have available as a little thank you for contributing to our campaign crowdfunder, but make sure you visit the crowdfunder website on the 14th May or soon after, to bag one of our special rewards (to be revealed on the 14th May).

So What’s an Environmenstrual Campaign you may be asking?

We are aiming to lead a UK revolution for healthy, eco-friendly menstrual products.

There are lots of amazing organizations, activists, campaigners looking at the different aspects and issues surrounding menstruation.  We will be bringing them together in to a Environmenstrual Coalition culminating in a week of action in October 2018.

So What’s the problem?


Plastic - In the UK the average menstruator uses over 11,000 disposable menstrual products in a lifetime – that’s a bus load of waste from just one person!  We want manufacturers to remove the plastic to make menstrual products bio-degradable.


Waste - Up to 2 billion menstrual items are flushed down the loo each year, causing massive sewage problems – remember the whitechapel fatberg? – we want all menstrual products disposed of appropriately. 


Health – The majority of conventional menstrual products are non organic cotton and contain plastic – many of which are harmful to our health and the planet.  We want healthy, safe and affordable products that are widely available.  


Education – There is little awareness around reusable and organic menstrual products in menstrual education programmes especially in schools.  Most education is carried out by big brands marketing their products, with little regard to your or your children’s health and the planet.   We want a balanced education giving people an informed choice when managing their periods.




We have 3 stunning rucksacks from the amazing Patagonia -  hardwearing, stylish and with eco credentials.

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moon cup

Made to last for years, the Mooncup menstrual cup is an easy way to dramatically reduce the waste you produce.

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Recently launched to great acclaim, the second edition of "Why Women Will Save the Planet"

Thank you for your support!

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