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HAVE AN eco-friendly & healthy period with these discount codes


Want to give plastic free periods a go? Well you are in luck as we have some discount codes! 🙌🏼

There are so many amazing eco-friendly period products available now and here are just a few that you can buy online - easy peasy! We have codes for menstrual cups, washable pads and organic tampons and pads FROM oHNE, albANYONE, toTM, GRACE & GREEN, THE CUP EFFECT, BLOOM & Nora, organicUP & CHARLIE BANANA.

Just complete the sign up form ⬇️ and you will receive an email with all the codes! Please feel free to share some plastic free love with your friends and family!

COMING SOON.. Wen’s guide to where to buy eco-friendly period products

Here's our top tips for having an eco-friendly period:

  • Don’t flush your disposable menstrual products down the loo - put them in the bin. Even products labelled biodegradable or flushable can take months to break down, blocking pipes and polluting marine environments.

  • Why not try using washable pads or a menstrual cup - you can prevent a lot of waste, and save a lot of money.

  • Use tampons? Opt for 100% organic cotton tampons & plastic free.

  • Use a menstrual cup?  Opt for silicon cups and follow manufacturers advice on thorough regular cleaning.  Replace any worn cup with a new one.

  • Avoid lubricated  and/or fragranced products – they are  polluting, and generate unnecessary additional exposure to potentially harmful synthetic chemicals.