• 5th Base Art Gallery (map)
  • 23 Heneage Street
  • London
  • E1 5LJ

On Thursday 7th March 2019, 

at 6.30pm

at 5th Base Gallery

23 Heneage Street

E1 5LJ

(11 minute walk from Whitechapel station)

Details: 07944 565620

A rare chance to see all 18 paintings in one amazing space creating a vibrant atmosphere for a unique and unmissable evening of Visual Arts, Talks, Music and Refreshments…

NO MORE HOME-WORK! provides a space to reflect on the experiences of South Asian families in Britain, the forces shaping the structure of South Asian families and the struggles facing women and young girls.

The Painting titles are: 
Working Family that’s not Working, 
Cage of 'Corporate-State' culture
Labour behind the Fashion 
State Racism 
Domestic Violence, 
Muzzafarnagar 2014, 
Workers in struggle, 
Wedding Dreams and Duties, 
Together but not forever, 
The Why Why Girls, 
Having Fun, 
Whose Nationalism?, 
Yarls Wood, ‘
Community Cohesion’ or Community in Conflict, 
Apna Haq (Our Rights), 
Nothing left to lose, 
Labour and Love 

Drawing on events such as the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, the attack on the Muslim community by PM Modi's fascist forces in the name of ‘love-jihad’ in Muzzafarnagar, India, and the Apna Haq (Our Rights) protest in London to save BME Women’s services in Rotherham, Sarbjit Johal’s oil paintings draw on photos and experiences of individual and collective struggle.

The paintings question the hierarchies of the family. They highlight how racism, imperialism and patriarchy shape the structure of the South Asian Family, how the South Asian Family serves the national economy, and what this means for women and girls. NO MORE HOME-WORK ! also raises questions about the way South Asian families are seen. It inspires us to dream of new ways of producing and reproducing ourselves and of new ways of being...

All the paintings, text and the ideas for NO MORE HOME-WORK! have been developed and produced with lots of help and support from my Family, Friends and members of South Asia Solidarity Group and Freedom Without Fear Platform.

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