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Environmenstrual Workshop run by WEN and hosted by Saskia Boujo

6pm - 7.30pm January 29th

It wasn't until recently that I realised just how full of plastic pads and tampons are. When I started looking into it I was shocked by the statistics and determined to find a more sustainable product that suited me personally. That's when I came across the Women's Environmental Network and their Environmenstrual Campaign. 

I'd love if you could join me for this one off workshop that is free to attend, so that you too can find yourself a better product that is less harmful to you as well as to the planet. 

Environmenstrual workshops are informative, interactive and fun. We explore the pros and cons of disposable and reusable menstrual products, their health and environmental impacts, period poverty and the period taboo. This enables women and people who menstruate to make an informed choice of which menstrual products to use. 

During the workshop participants will:

  1. Recognise the environmental and health impacts of conventional menstrual products. Learn about menstrual waste and appropriate disposal.

  2. See both sides of the disposables vs reusables argument.

  3. Build period confidence in the language and products they use.

  4. Explore ways to increase access to period products that are healthy, affordable, and plastic-free.

Women's Environmental Network is the only UK charity working on issues that link women, health and the environment.

Free event, but please register