The release of Climate Justice by Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, is a valuable account and timely call to re-evaluate the effectiveness of approaches taken to tackle climate change. 

Using real life cases encountered from her work within the UN, Robinson seamlessly connects the narratives surrounding the Paris Agreement to the everyday people in all corners of the world who were and are the first to witness the devastating effects of climate change.

Presenting the huge issue that is climate change and showing how people have been affected, fought back and have survived is no easy feat; this book pulls at your heart strings whilst motivating you to get more involved. The use of the phrase 'Climate Justice' makes the case for how climate change is disproportionately affecting those poorest, linking fundamental human rights activism with environmentalism. 

Mary Robinson has also recently launched the Mothers of Invention podcast with comedian Maeve Higgins which focuses on feminist approaches to tackling climate change.

A must-read for all those in need of a good dose of hope-inducing, fight-inspiring call to action.

Bethany Loft, WEN Volunteer