The first year of Live Well courses has just ended and I must say I have been super lucky to be involved in this project that bonds healthy cooking with organic vegetables you can grow at your home.

The Summer weather has been absolutely amazing allowing the participants to share the meals cooked directly in the garden of Limborough Green Hub.

Now that the days are becoming shorter and the air cooler the garden doesn’t seems so attractive, but there is still something you can sow and grow with really minimum effort during Winter. Here a list of 5 easy to grow winter vegetables even if you have just a small balcony.

GARLIC: Keep 1 or 2 cloves of garlic (better if organic) next time you are cooking your soup. Plant them in a pot with compost at twice the depth of their size and leave them outside. They enjoy some cold weather and you can start using some of their leaves to garnishing your plates early next year.

BROAD BEANS and PEAS: I know most of the seed packagings say you should plant them in Spring time, but, believe me, if you plant them now you will have stronger and taller plants by March. Same if you are willing to grow lovely Sweet peas.

CALENDULA: this bright yellow or orange flower is not just one of the fasters and easiest seeds to grow, it is also edible! You can add some bright petal of Calendula to your salad any time you want to, as it is flowering for most of the year.

LETTUCE: Some variety of lettuce as Mizuna, Lamb lettuce, or Rocket if cultivated in cold weather would keep a mild flavour and be easy to use as baby leaves in salad mix.

STRAWBERRY: you might not able to find new strawberry plants in the garden centre at this time of the year, but you can ask some friend that has a plot or an allotment, they might have some strawberry runner to share as this is the good time to divide them.

I hope you have been inspired to grow your own food and maybe learn with us how to cook it!

We are hoping to start a new series of courses soon, get in touch or drop and e-mail to for more info or for book your course (places are limited).