The Live Well course, held at the Limborough Community Kitchen, kicked off again this month.  The kitchen is set in the stunning Limborough Community Gardens.  If you haven't been before, it's worth popping in, to have a look.  The garden was actually at Chelsea Flower show and was moved to it's current location.  In the Spring and summer it is in full bloom and the raised beds are brimming with fruit and vegetables.  

Live well involves having a appreciation of the impact our diets and lifestyles have on the planet.  Current industrialised global food systems are a major contributor to climate change.  Through this course we are able to explore in a practical way how to tackle this global issue through people taking local action: growing vegetables at home and in the community, and opening peoples eyes to a fun, delicious plant based diet, and the focusing in on our role as consumers reducing food waste.

It's not just about cooking. - it explores the many aspects of a healthy life style, including spending time outside gardening and growing vegetables.  It's a friendly atmosphere and everyone has fun and is rewarded at the end with a delicious lunch.

The Live Well Courses are hosted by the Limborough Green Hub Community Garden and Live Well Community Kitchen in Poplar and free to attend.  Our next course will start in April.  In the meantime have a look at the amazing recipes cooked so far.  Why not have a go yourself?


About Live Well Courses

Live Well cooking courses at Limborough Community Kitchen - Limborough House 25A Thomas Road, E147AW.

The course is FREE and is open to everyone, but due to health and safety concerns children are not allowed and availability is limited, so please book in advance!

To book a place on the next course e-mail: