WEN volunteer, Ruby Raut has launched, the UK's first reuseable menstrual underwear, WUKA Period Underwear as a crowdfunded campaign.  

In a bid to reduce tampon and menstrual pad waste pollution and to help menstruators experience a more comfortable and hygienic period, founder of WUKA Wear, Ruby Raut, has designed underwear especially for menstruators and has launched WUKA Period Underwear this November 2017 as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Ruby grew up in Nepal where girls used sari rags as menstrual product wear and were taught to understand that when their period arrived they were ‘untouchable’ and ‘dirty’.  This tradition still stands today in Nepal and in other countries around the world, whereby girls are segregated from normal family activities during menstruation.  Periods are an embarrassment and hygiene is poor, posing serious health risks.  When Ruby arrived in the UK seven years ago, she saw just how easily accessible menstrual products were, however she also knew that tampons posed health risks; menstrual pads leaked and both polluted the environment.  

The average menstruating person uses over 16,000 shelf bought tampons or pads in their reproductive life

Passionate about menstruation education and environmental science, Ruby has created WUKA Period Underwear, an eco-friendly, washable underwear that is comfortable, leak-free, hygienic and stylish.  “WUKA underwear could dramatically reduce the amount of waste caused by modern menstrual product products on our shelves today,” says Ruby, “the average menstruating person uses over 16,000 shelf bought tampons or pads in their reproductive life time.  Almost half of menstruators surveyed still flush their menstrual product products down the toilet rather than disposing of them in the bin which means that millions of pads and tampons end up in the rivers and seas.  WUKA Period Underwear is designed to last for up to two years if washed at forty degrees and line dried.  Users will not only be helping the planet and themselves, but their pockets too!”


As an environmental educator, Ruby is keen to address the huge problem that the world faces with waste.  With her experience of growing up in Nepal, where living sustainably was a way of life, but where the stigma of menstruation made life difficult for menstruators, she wants to empower menstruators with the knowledge that they can make a change to the state of the environment and overcome the hassle and expense that their monthly period brings at the same time.  Ruby said, “It is my dream that menstruators all over the world will one day be able to have a happier period.”

Find out more about WUKA period underwear and pre-order via this link to get 20% off and WEN will receive a 10% donation. The crowdfunding campaign ends on December 10th 2017.