Kate Metcalf, Co-Director, WEN talks ecofeminism with jeremy moulton, lecturer of Environmental Politics, the University of York.


In this audio podcast, Jeremy Moulton interviews Kate Metcalf, Co-director of the Women's Environmental Network (WEN).  They discuss ecofeminism - the concept that identifies connections between the causes of prejudice against women and the causes of environmental degradation. As the conversation reveals, ecofeminism has developed from its early years of essentialism. WEN has taken the concept and applied it to its environmental action, leading to practices that reflect a markedly different approach from some of the more dominant environmental groups. This is a fascinating look into how the ideas surrounding ecologism can transform into practical and effective programmes for action, whilst also balancing the needs of people and the environment. 

Hear Kate talk about WEN's unique grass roots approach to ecofeminism by clicking below