This Autumn WEN has teamed up with Eaves, an organisation which supports vulnerable women who have experienced violence, to transform a garden in a safe-house for victims of trafficking. Horticulture can be a great tool for improving mental health and well being, and we believe that turning the garden into a beautiful space for food growing and relaxation will be a hugely positive and restorative experience for the women who live there.

We would love to be able to leave the garden knowing it could be self sustaining- with its own tools and water collection system.

In order to make this happen, we need to purchase the following equipment. If you would like to donate anything, no matter how small, to help us carry out this work, then please click on the Just Giving logo at the bottom of the page. You can find out more about Eaves and the work they do at their website:

Thank you for your support.

-          Fruit trees x 3 – £45

-          Water butt – £30

-          Hose – £30

-          Herbs – £15

-          Shrubs- £30

-          Climbers like honeysuckle and wisteria – £25

-          Currant bushes – £25

-          Seed packets 15 x £2 – £30

-          Tools e.g. spades, forks, trowels – £80

-          Trellis x2 – £20

-          Cold frame – £40

-          Raised beds – £150

-          Pots – £30

Total- £550