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WEN's Food Projects // Grow your own organic food // Sustainable sustenance: Food transport and the environment
Tower Hamlets Gardens for Life final report // Food growing for groups  
THFGN Resources Directory // Growing round the houses: Food production on housing estates

Download - Fruity Beauty Recipe Book

Downloadable: Protect your health by avoiding harmful chemicals in conventional consumer products. Packed with top tips and recipes. Know your essential oils, shampoos, scrubs, moisturisers and household products.

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Download - Why Women and the environment - briefing

Downloadable - briefing

Why, when the environment impacts all lives and living things, do environmental concerns need to be considered from a gender perspective?

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Download - Why Women and Climate Change? - Briefing

Downloadable: This briefing looks at why climate change is a gender issue. When connecting gender and climate change, it is important to understand that climate change magnifies the nature of human vulnerability and gender inequality.

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Download - WENderful Christmas

Have a WENderful Christmas

Your guide to living sustainably through the holiday season. Top tips, gift ideas and recipes in our handy guide.


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