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hold an environmenstrual event

Organise an Environmenstrual Week of Action event and help spread the word about sustainable menstruation.  You may want to hold the event as a fund raiser to help further the Environmenstrual Campaign.  Check out our Donation page for full details.

You can get involved in our Week of Action by amplifying the environmental and health messaging surrounding menstruation, empowering others with the information they need to make an informed choice about the menstrual products they use.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • DIY Pad Making workshop 
  • Eco-Period Packing Party to end period poverty without harming health or the environment 
  • Cupaware Party with Mandu Reid (donations go to Cup Effect)
  • Vagina Craft Night with Jo Corrall (donations go to This Is a Vagina) 
  • Environmenstrual Quiz Night*
  • Coffee morning - Check back for more ideas
  • Dinner Party - Check back for more ideas



Host a Film screening

Screening films is a great way to introduce the topic of Environmenstrual and inspire people who might want to make the switch to sustainable period products. A film screening can be an event itself, offering a chance to learn something new about the issues, or can form part of a broader event, involving workshops, speakers or an open meeting.  

Suggested films:



*We will send through one quiz answer sheet once you register with us

Make your own Environmenstrual Awareness Video

Get together with you friends or colleagues and put together an informative yet brief video raising awareness about the Environmenstrual Campaign and why people should make the switch to reusable/organic biodegradable menstrual products and ditch the plastic. We’ll share the video widely on our social media channels. Don’t forget to use the #PeriodsWithoutPlastic hashtag. The style of the video can be funny, animated, or anything that strikes your fancy!




Book Club

 Are you a member of a book club?  How about suggesting one of these books and talking about the issues raised.  Or start a new book club -  Your club can be held anywhere – in your home, at a local café, or at your place of work. 

  • Walking with the Genie - Alexandra Pope
  • The Wild Genie - Alexandra Pope
  • Love Your Lady Landscape - Lisa Lister
  • If Women Rose Rooted - Sharon Black


Put forward a motion to your Student Union to offer eco-friendly menstrual products on your campus using WEN’s template letter (to follow).

Speak to your child's school about their Period Education Policy.  Ask them if they include all menstrual options in their lesson plan.  Share WEN's Environmenstrual toolkit with them (to follow).

Start a conversation about Periods - break the taboo!