WEN's Environmenstrual #PeriodsWithoutPlastic CAMPAIGN is aiming to lead a UK revolution for healthy eco-friendly menstrual products. 


Key areas of the campaign:

  • WEN is running Environmenstrual Workshops in schools and universities - book a workshop now!

  • Environmenstrual Coalition - bringing activists, organisations and businesses together with the mission of making healthy and eco-friendly menstrual products affordable and available to all - join the coalition

  • Environmenstrual Week of Action - Commencing 13th October, a nationwide week of action, we will collectively shout out about Periods and the Environment. Coalition members, community groups and individuals will be holding events and activities - you name it, to shout out about periods - find out more

  • Encouraging women and people that menstruate to give #PeriodsWithoutPlastic a go. Sign up to receive money off vouchers for plastic free period products from Natracare, Ruby Cup, Wuka Wear, TOTM.

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Thanks to your amazing support we have already raised £6k through crowdfunding.  But we still need to raise £4k - can you help?  We want to roll out independent period education in schools and universities in addition to coordinating the Environmenstrual Week of Action.  All donations are gratefully received.  Just click on the button below to donate:

Donate to Environmenstrual Campaign