Plant seedlings
This year the Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network is looking for Keep Growing Champions to help grow seedlings for the community. 

What are Keep Growing Champions? 

A team of local people willing to help the community to start growing vegetables from home. We know growing plants from seeds isn’t for everybody, so this year we’d like to recruit a team of growers able to grow seedlings that can be shared with the community later in the growing season.  We’ll provide free seeds and growing medium (coir + compost) to help the champions to start new vegetable plants. 

What will the Keep Growing Champions do?

We’re asking the champions to sow the seeds provided and look after them until the plants are big enough to be transplanted. At that point we will organise a SHARING DAY in one of our Green Hubs  – where the seedlings will be shared with the community.

What will the Keep Growing Champions receive?

  • Free seeds and growing medium (coir + compost) 
  • Instructions and care for each type of seeds you are sowing
  • Updates on dates and locations to organise the SHARING POINTS

What do I need to do to become a Keep Growing Champion? 

  • LOCAL: you and your growing space need to be set in TOWER HAMLETS
  • SPACE: A sunny and warm spot of 90cm minimum: this can be a windowsill, balcony, greenhouse or garden.
  • SOME EXPERIENCE You have already been part of Keep Growing 2020 and you have grown your veggies successfully (Don’t worry: We will give you instructions and support at every stage of the process)
  • TIME to look after the germinations of your plants (watering and keeping them healthy) for about 2 months. 
Please, complete this form  if you are  interested in becoming a Keep Growing Champion. 
We can only select a few applications, but hopefully, with the help of the Champions, we’ll be able to share a lot of new plants during the following months with all of you, so stay tuned for any update! Find out about Keep Growing 2020.

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