In this new series of blogs we meet some of the amazing partners helping to deliver Just FACT, (Just Food and Climate Transition)  5 year project in Tower Hamlets. Here, Joshua, Just FACT Mobiliser, speaks to Freya, Secretary at Cranbrook Community Garden. 

Beneath the six iconic towers on the Cranbrook Estate in Globe Town is Cranbrook Community Food Garden, an award-winning haven for local growers and residents. Twelve years ago, local residents repurposed the children’s playground falling into disrepair and created this green sanctuary, for the custodians of the gardens it is a means of recreation, promoting health, wellbeing and social cohesion. There are regular public events, so make sure to check out their Facebook for more information. 

Freya, one of the coordinators at the gardens talks about how it started and what their involvement in Just FACT will look like, check the video out below! 

What is Just FACT 

The Tower Hamlets Just Food and Climate Transition project led by Wen is a collaborative community led programme to create a tried and tested blueprint for a sustainable and socially just urban food system.  

 Although unsustainable food practices are behind some of our biggest problems in society, food also has a huge power to be part of the solution. Food is at the heart of our communities and families; it is an everyday way for us all to engage with tackling climate change, building a healthier society and injecting opportunities and equity back into our neighbourhoods.  

Find out more about Just FACT


Joshua was born in Hounslow and has lived in London his whole life. He has been involved in a number of economic, climate and racial justice projects and continues to play key roles in a number of organisations. He is a passionate chef, feels at home in nature and is deeply committed to collaborative education and community ownership.

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