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You have probably heard of the Green New Deal but what about a Feminist Green New Deal?

Back in September 2019 a coalition of women’s rights and climate activists in the USA including WEDO (Women’s Environment and Development Organization , launched a Feminist Agenda for a Green New Deal. 

The Feminist Green New Deal Principles call for advancing reproductive justice, the creation of regenerative economies centered on feminist analysis and understanding of the care economy, a shift from exploitative and unsustainable production patterns and a rejection of false solutions to the climate crisis. 


But what about a Feminist Green New Deal (FemGND) for the UK? 

Wen, together with The Women’s Budget Group, are planning to launch a FemGND UK policy paper later this year. 


Setting out the principles for a UK Feminist Green New Deal

We will be setting out a FemGND set of principles specifically for the UK.  Key elements of this will include putting the care economy at the heart of climate policy and a just transition, valuing the low-tech, necessary work of maintaining and nurturing everyday life, which is predominantly done by women and is undervalued and underpaid. We aim to highlight the ‘masculinisation of environmentalism’ where men dominate across all spheres of climate politics including science, business and government and where women’s voices are muted.  The green movement is often highly masculine favouring purely technological fixes for climate action over low tech initiatives. These tech-led approaches miss the opportunity for a real transformation of our economy and society putting equality at the centre. We need a balance between high-tech and low-tech initiatives.


Feminist Green New Deal Policy Paper

This policy paper will outline the key elements of what a FemGND would look like in the UK, bringing a gender analysis to the Green New Deal (GND) and transitioning to a green economy. This will be presented to the Commission for a Gender Equal Economy in the spring of 2020.


Who will be involved?

We will be collaborating with activists, academics and policy makers and we will be inviting them to become signatories to the FemGND UK principles.  More importantly we will be including grassroots women’s voices in developing a vision for a UK FemGND. We will be running participatory workshops with women from working class and BAME communities. We want to gain insights about what they think are important elements to include in a FemGND for the UK. Ultimately these workshops will be local in nature, building connectivity on the ground up, supporting local communities to push the Green New Deal to incorporate feminist solutions. 


How will we do this?

COP26 Feminist Green New Deal Event – We will be organising a high profile event at the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow in 2021, with speakers, workshops and a film and we will be launching the FemGND Set of Principles at this event.  We will be joining like minded organisations to call for mobilisation at COP26 to ensure that women’s and feminist perspectives are part of the UK and international dialogue at COP26.  These international alliances are key to strengthening the UK FemGND movement and vice versa.   Event partners include: The Women’s Budget Group, WEDO, CEMVO Scotland and others.


How can I get involved?

Support this important work by donating today – we have launched our Women4Climate Appeal and are asking our supporters for donations to help us undertake this important work. Please Donate to Wen to ensure that women’s voices are at the heart of the climate debate. We are grateful for all donations, big or small. 


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