2019 has been a momentous year for the climate.

The climate crisis has been brought centre stage thanks to the mass mobilisation of the Youth Climate Strikes around the world, women and indigenous communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction defending their lands, Greta Thunberg, XR mass protests and a global call for climate justice gaining attention. We are in a climate emergency yet the outcome of the recent COP25 in Madrid fails to reflect this situation with no clear deadlines for countries to report on their climate action plans. Thanks to the continued efforts of women’s groups and the Gender Constituency, a new 5-year Gender Action Plan (GAP) has been adopted advocating for gender-just climate solutions. This is of utmost importance and we need to ensure that governments fulfil their promises.

2020 is going to be another key year for the climate with the UK hosting COP26 in Glasgow. We need to ensure that the new Government rises to the challenge of the climate emergency and shows real international leadership towards a just transition. We’ve certainly got our work cut out given that Friends of the Earth rated all the party manifestos for their commitments on the climate out of a total score of 45 with the Conservatives scoring only 5.5 (Labour 33, Greens 31) and where Boris Johnson failed to take part in the debates on the climate crisis.

This is of utmost importance and we need to ensure that governments fulfil their promises. To quote Bridget Burns (Director of WEDO):


“When we try to create climate action without gender justice, we fail. When we try to deliver climate action without racial justice, we fail. When we try to do this without the rights of Indigenous peoples, we fail. If we fail to understand the deep intersection between misogyny, white supremacy, rising right wing fascism, and climate denialism, we fail.”


2020 is going to be a crucial year for climate action in the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow in November 2020 and we need you to support our vital work, helping women to take action for a healthier planet. Please Donate to Wen to ensure that women’s voices are at the heart of the climate debate. We are grateful for all donations, big or small.  When the problems are man-made the solutions are feminist! 

Thank you for your continued support.

Kate Metcalf, Co-director, Wen

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