The Three Tonne Club Handbook

Download a copy for free here:3TC Handbook

A guide for groups and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint and make going green fun.

The average carbon footprint in the UK is a staggering 13.4 tonnes per person per year. And yet if we are to limit global warming to 2oC and avoid climate chaos, we have to cut our personal carbon footprints to three tonnes or less. So the Three Tonne Club is there to take a load off your mind and the weight off your feet – or footprint. It’s been very well received so far; read what people say about it here:

Just as slimming clubs help thousands of people to achieve and maintain their target weight, the Three Tonne Club is designed to help slim down our carbon footprints and achieve that three tonne target. The concept of the dieting clubs is taken and applied to greenhouse gas emissions. Members of the Three Tonne Club show each other how it’s done. In slimming club style there is an initial weigh-in but here we’re weighing tonnes of carbon not pounds of flab.

Packed with tips on how to shed those tonnes, the Handbook shows how, month by month, members can reduce the carbon emissions caused in various areas of their life – home energy, land travel, flying, food, shopping and all the rest. At monthly meetings the emphasis is on fun with group activities as friends and neighbours share experiences. At the end of the year a weigh-out shows what progress has been made and just how much each member’s footprint has shrunk.

“It’s easier than you think – some people are there already,” says researcher Ann Link. “Everyone can cut a tonne in the next year by tackling their easiest areas first. It’s a myth that the easy actions only make a small difference.”

It is urgent that we start now, and The Three Tonne Club shows us how, by working together over the next few years, we can all help to make the climate safe.

“The Three Tonne Club is a very positive approach to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and I am confident that by focusing on collective and constructive action it will achieve real, measurable results.” Caroline Lucas MEP.

The Three Tonne Club Handbook is written by Ann Link, Jo Budd and Biba Hartigan, published by Women’s Environmental Network.