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WEN is made up of people from all walks of life united by dedication to social equality, health & well-being, and environmental justice. Our members pay a small yearly fee that helps keep WEN up and running, but being a network is about so much more than money. The idea is to encourage the sharing of ideas and to give people support and confidence to take action on issues that matter to them. Online platforms, from our email newsletter to our Facebook page, play an important part in connecting people with and within WEN, but we still keep in touch with members by post if necessary! 

What you'll receive

When you join as a member, you receive our lovingly crafted membership pack, which contains:

You'll also be added to our quarterly membership newsletter, so you'll always be the first to get news, info, updates, invites, recipes and offers. 

Join us! We'd love to connect with you, learn from you, and help you to live healthily and sustainably.


Standard membership is £24, but if you're a student, unemployed or retired, you get a concessionary price of £15. If you'd like to be with us for life, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, then it's £500 (a real bargain when you consider how much a wedding costs).  You can even join us as a business (£150) or a not-for-profit organisation (£100).


If you have any questions about membership, please contact or call 0207 481 9004




Payment methods

Direct debit

To set up a recurring payment so that your membership fee is taken on a regular basis click here. This is the quickest and easiest way to join!

Credit/Debit card

To buy a single year's membership, or a gift membership for someone special click here.

Bank transfer or S.O

To make a bank transfer, please fill out a membership form and email it to or post it to the address below.


To pay by cheque, please fill out a membership form and post it to: Membership, Women's Environmental Network, Ground Floor, 20 Club Row, London, E2 7EY.

WHAT your MONEY goes towards

Your membership fee and donations will help support WEN's FIVE main programme areas:

  • Women's Empowerment: Advocate women's equality and involvement in decision-making, inspire women to make environmentally informed choices, and empower women to become agents of change.
  • Climate Change: Highlight the impacts of climate change on women's lives, and support gender sensitive strategies.
  • Health: Raise awareness of harmful chemicals in cosmetics and household products. Promote and deliver nature based interventions.
  • Food: Champion women's involvement in community gardens and sustainable food systems, particularly in areas of economic deprivation and disadvantage.
  • Waste: Promote real nappies, reusable menstrual products, sustainable clothing, and household waste reduction.