It’s an inescapable truth. With the world’s current rate of consumption we need three planets to sustain our wants and needs. And the rate of consumption is set to increase to five planets when the population breaks through the nine billion barrier by 2040. According to recent research, 66% of those affected by climate-related disasters in developing economies are women. And closer to home, our urban communities become more fragmented and people lose contact with simple pleasures like communal outside spaces and growing their own food.

We need to change the way we live and consume.

It would be easy to become frustrated that not enough is being done…  but did you know that across the UK there is a network of women-led groups who, every day, take conscious actions to consume less, to use resources more effectively, to raise awareness at grass roots levels about climate change and to engage women and men in community-based projects such as allotments and orchards?

Welcome to the Women’s Environmental Network.

Current projects

Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network

WEN co-ordinates the Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network (THFGN), a local network of community food growers in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The Network works to improve learning and sharing between food growers, increase the number of community food growing projects in the borough, and improve access to food growing information and resources. Find out more about the network.

Spice it Up! Urban Organic Food Growing Training

Spice It Up! is a free introductory course to organic food growing skills open to women who live in the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Hackney. We particularly welcome women who are unemployed or on a low-income, and who may otherwise be unable to access other horticultural training. Find out more about Spice it Up!

Tower Hamlets Community Seed Library

Tower Hamlets Community Seed Library aims to make it easy for people to grow and eat their own food, protect biodiversity, strengthen community, and create a culture of sharing.  Find out more about the Community Seed Library.

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